The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada cadets parade Thursday evenings from 1820 to 2100 hrs at Minto Armoury, 969 St. Matthews Avenue, Winnipeg. 

The administration office is in the basement, room#26 for registrations or information  call us and leave a message at 204-786-1130.

Cadets and Parents can login to the Canadian Cadet Organization website for more information. CCO website. First you must sign up, then login.
This website has information for parents of cadets and the lesson plan information for senior cadets teaching lessons.

Calendar of events for the activities of Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 

See link here for Application form in the Canadian Army Cadets.

NavTrek Kit List - Click Link and Select Field Training Exercise for Kit list

** Cadets arriving Friday night without appropriate kit will be declined from participating. **

FTU's                                         Socks x3

Shoes x1 (Running shoes OK)     Underwear x3

Hiking Boots                             Water Bottle

Pants x2 (NO JEANS)                 Wash cloth, Face towel & Soap

T-Shirts x3                                Deodorant

Sweater/Hoodie x1                    Other toiletry items as required

Jacket                                      Medications

Hat/Toque/Headwear                Mug

Sunglasses                                Writing Material

**The following are NOT to be brought**

Electronic devices (cell phones; tablets etc.)




Requirements for staff cadets U2018 RCSU (NW) CTC COURSE SELECTION PROCEDURE

Corps Announcements

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 Upcoming Events

 26 Apr 18


 Parade night

Opening parade 1830, Dress C5 (FTU's)

3 May 18 1830

 Regular Parade Night

Opening Parade 1830, Dress C5 (FTU's)

Regular classes - Bring Pen/Pencil & Notebook

Senior cadets O Group with the Regiment your chance to give the affiliated unit your opinion on the CAF 

Also you are encouraged to bring a friend who is not a cadet.

6-12 May 18
 Range team

 Stage 4 Marksmanship National Competition

Pac region 

27 May 18


Decoration Day Parade

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43

Marion Street, Winnipeg 

 1-3 June 18


Adventure FTX

St Malo Provincial Park, St Malo, MB 

 7 Jun 18All 

Annual Cadet Review

Minto Armoury 


Yearly Activities  click here for the full list of activities 

Regionally Directed Activities RCSU(NW) click here for army cadet RDA

Keep Informed!

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 Parents and cadets receive text message/email notifications by signing up with remind for free. Do not respond to remind, the account is not monitored. 

Voice messages can be left at the corps phone number 204 786 1130.


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