All Red, Silver Star, senior cadets and staff tasked with participating on NavTrek  overnight hike must bring their complete kit (see recommended list Kit list ) to parade on Thursday night, April 27, 2017.  We will be pre-packing the ruck sacks and getting field stores ready for departure Friday night. Remember you have to carry what you pack so pack accordingly.

All Green, Gold and Master Cadets are to bring their kit (Kit list) on the Friday night.

Remember the weather in the spring in unpredictable so check the weather before hand and pack accordingly.

**Sleeping bags, tents, packs and food will be supplied.**

 Calendar of events for the activities of Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of  Canada 

 Application form for Membership in the Canadian Army Cadets.

 The Queen's Own Cameron cadets parade from 1830 to 2100 hrs in the Minto  Armoury 969 St. Matthews St. Winnipeg. The administration office is #26 for  registrations or 204 786 1130 for information.

Corps Announcements

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 Upcoming Events

27  April 17


Regular parade night

Green star cadets come dressed in PT gear.

Red and Silver star cadets prep. for NavTrek.

Red and Silver star level cadets should bring personal kit Thursday night to pack in ruck sacs in preparation for FTX. FTX suggested kit list

1830 - 2100 hrs Minto Armoury
Dress C5 (FTU)

29 April 17


No Band or Marksmanship.

All cadets participate in NavTrek FTX

28 - 30 April 17
Cadets and Staff

FTX Nav Trek Spruce Woods PP
1730 28 April Departure Minto Armoury

Dress C5 (FTU) or Civi clothing 

 4 May 17 



Regular parade night

1830 - 2100 hrs Minto Armoury
Dress C5 (FTU) 

6 May 17
 Band and Marksmanship open to all cadets

0930 - 1200 Saturday morning.

Attendance taken in the range.

Comfortable civilian dress.

13 May 17

Music Level Testing 

 Music Level Testing

0800 to 1800 13 May 2017

Minto Armoury, 969 St Matthews Avenue

13 - 14 May 17

Silver star cadets 

Silver Star FTX 

Joining Instructions Silver Star JI

15 - 23 May 17
Selected cadets

 Vimy Trek 2017 Tour - Manitoba Army Cadets
sponsored by the 
Manitoba Army Cadet League 

28 May 17
Legion Decoration Parade
1230 - 1430 

Norwood St.Boniface Legion
134 Marion St.

9 - 11 June 17
Cadets and Staff

Adventure FTX
Caddy Lake Provincial campground

24 June 17Parents and StaffPlease be advised that the AGM for the Army Cadet League of Canada (Mb) Inc will be held on:
Saturday June 24th from 9.30 to 4pm.

Yearly Activities  click here for the full list of activities 

Keep Informed!

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 Parents and cadets receive text message/email notifications by signing up with remind for free. Do not respond to remind, the account is not monitored. 

Voice messages can be left at the corps phone number 204 786 1130.


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