Calendar of events for the activities of Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada 

Application form for Membership in the Canadian Army Cadets.

The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada cadets parade Thursday evenings from 1820 to 2100 hrs at Minto Armoury, 969 St. Matthews Street, Winnipeg. 

The administration office is in the basement, room#26 for registrations or information  call us and leave a message at 204-786-1130.

Cadets and Parents can login to the Canadian Cadet Organization website for more information. CCO website. First you must sign up, then login.
This website has the lesson information for senior cadets will need for lesson plans.

Corps Announcements

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 Upcoming Events

28 Sept 17

1820 -2100 hrs

 Cadets and Staff

 Sports night

Physical Training gear.

Good running shoes, sweat pants/shirt, gym shorts/t shirt.

 Your friends are always welcome to check out our cadet program.

23 Sep 17

0930 - 1200


Marksmanship and Band

A new instructor for drums will be joining us.

Marksmanship will have a short lesson then onto the range.

 21- Sept-17


Annual Validation forms

need to be returned to Capt. Atkinson in the Admin Office 

28 Sept 17

1820 -2100 hrs 

 Cadets and Staff

Regular parade night.

C5 - dress

Bring pen and paper for class


Gold Star Cadets

 Gold Star Expedition weekend

 Joining Instructions for Gold Star FTX




Parent committee meeting.

Room 201 Minto Armoury 

Current fundraiser
 Action Pack Books available through the parents committee


Cadets and Staff 

Bivouac Field Training Exercise (BIV FTX)

 2- Nov-17



CO's parade

Dress - C1

Clean pressed uniforms, polish boots, haircuts

Bring pen and paper for classes


 Cadets and Staff

 Legion Poppy Day

This is where the cadet corps can volunteer and show support for the Royal Canadian Legion. Cadets in uniform will do four hour shifts in teams at Legion designated sites 23/75


 9- Nov-17

 Cadets and Staff

Preparation for Remembrance Day

Dress - C1

Clean pressed uniforms, polish boots, haircuts

Bring pen and paper for classes


Biathlon team 

Stage 2 Biathlon (Dry)

407 cadets interested in participating should contact Lt. Will.

Lt. Will needs at one more cadet participant to balance the teams. 

Cadets interested in volunteering as staff contact Capt. Atkinson


 Cadets and Staff

 Legion Remembrance Day mandatory parade for all cadets.

Yearly Activities  click here for the full list of activities 

Regionally Directed Activities RCSU(NW) click here for army cadet RDA

Keep Informed!

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 Parents and cadets receive text message/email notifications by signing up with remind for free. Do not respond to remind, the account is not monitored. 

Voice messages can be left at the corps phone number 204 786 1130.


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