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Corps Training Year

407  RCACC Scheduling Summary

Corps Dates

Type of Activity Event Start Date End Date Level
Regional Directed Activity 

 17 Wing Fall Fair10-Sept-16     10-Sep-16 All
Regional Directed Activity Orienteering Day 17-Sep-16 17-Sep-16 All
Regional Directed Activity
Army Cadet Challenge  
CFB Shilo
23-Sept-16  25-Sept-16
Regional Directed Activity Gold Expedition Training
30-Sep-16 2-Oct-16 Gold Star cadets
CO Parade CO Parade 6-Oct-16 6-Oct-16 All
Regional Directed Activity Bivouac FTX 14-Oct-16 16-Oct-16 All
CO Parade CO Parade 3-Nov-16 3-Nov-16 All
Corps/Sqn Events Legion Poppy Day 5-Nov-16 5-Nov-16 All
Corps/Sqn Events Remembrance Day 11-Nov-16 11-Nov-16 All

Regional Directed Activity 

RCSU(NW) Music Concentration 



All Band

CO Parade CO Parade 1-Dec-16 1-Dec-16 All
Corps/Sqn Winter Stand Down Christmas Break 16-Dec-16 5-Jan-17 All
CO Parade CO Parade26-Jan-17 26-Jan-17 All
CO Parade CO Parade 2-Feb-17 2-Feb-17 All
Corps/Sqn Events Kirk Parade 5-Feb-17 5-Feb-17 All

Regional Directed Activity 

Marksmanship Zone Competition Stage 2 



Range team 

CO Parade CO Parade 2-Mar-17 2-Mar-17 All
Corps/Sqn Spring Stand Down Spring Break 24-Mar-17 6-Apr-17 All

Regional Directed Activity

 RCSU(NW) Honor Band Christopher Lake SK



All Band

CO Parade CO Parade 6-Apr-17 6-Apr-17 All

Regional Directed Activity 


Marksmanship Provincial Competition Stage 3 




Range team 

Regional Directed Activity   Nav Trek FTX 28-Apr-17  30-Apr-17  All 

Regional Directed Activity  

Marksmanship National Competition Stage 4  




Range team  
Regional Directed Activity  Vimy Ridge Parade 8-Apr-17 8-Apr-17 All
Regional Directed Activity Silver Expedition Training Weekend 12-May-17 14-May-17 Silver Star cadets
Regional Directed Activity  Vimy Trek 2017 15-May-17 23-May-17 All
Regional Directed Activity  Decoration Day Parade 28-May-17 28-May-17 All
CO Parade CO Parade 1-Jun-17 1-Jun-17 All
Regional Directed Activity ACR 8-Jun-17 8-Jun-17 All
Corps/Sqn Events Adventure FTX 9-Jun-17 11-Jun-17 All
Corps/Sqn Summer Stand Down End of LHQ training 30-Jun-17 30-Jun-17 All