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posted Sep 11, 2015, 9:18 AM by 407 RCACC   [ updated Jun 19, 2018, 7:11 AM ]

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              CTC Kit List & Banned Items
The following personal items of kit must be brought to the CTC:
a. toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss;
b. soap and shampoo (biodegradable);
c. two bath towels and if desired hand towels and face cloths;
d. shaving kit (if required);
e. hairbrush or comb;
f. fingernail clippers or nail file;
g. handkerchief or tissue;
h. deodorant;
i. shoeshine kit;
j. sewing kit;
k. laundry soap (biodegradable) * Staff Cadets only;
l. writing material;
m. two padlocks (combination type);
n. several changes of underclothing, T-shirts and socks (enough for one week);
o. pyjamas;
p. sweat suit and sweatshirts;
q. conservative swimsuit;
r. sweater;
s. hangers;
t. lint brush;
u. eyeglass retainer bands for sports (for eyeglass wearers);
v. shower sandals; and
w. neutral colour bobby pins/hair accessories (if necessary).

The following items are prohibited or not allowed and shall not be brought to the training centre under any circumstances. These items will be confiscated and may be handed to the applicable police agency or disposed of if brought to the training centre:
Prohibited By Law Prohibited by The CCO Items Not Allowed
Firearms (any kind)
Daggers / Knives
Gaming Consoles
Non-prescribed and illicit drugs
Straight razor blades
Altered Parade Boots
Controlled Substances
Pornographic materials
Motor Vehicles
Alcoholic Beverages (if under provincial age limit)
Alcoholic Beverages (regardless of age)
Laser Pointers
Weapons (Brass knuckles, ninja stars, etc.)
Lighters and other fire starting equipment
Tobacco products

The following items are strongly discouraged from being brought to the training centre:

a. Smart phones / Cellular Phones;
b. iPods;
c. MP3 players; and
d. Tablets / laptop computers.
To eliminate any storage of valuables, or security problems, it is recommended that cadets do not bring jewellery, iPods, tablets, or other “attractive items” to the CTC. Cadets who bring valuables to CTC are to complete the Record of Valuable Items (Annex C) form and bring a copy of the completed form to the CTC. The form is to be presented to the administration staff during intake.


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