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 Upcoming Events

On Going 

Last week for cadets with outstanding Annual Validation forms! Participation in corps activities will be limited after 30 November. Return forms as soon as possible to Capt. Atkinson in the Administration Offiice.

Cadet may be restricted in participating in some activities without form 

On Going

9:30am - 12:00pm


 Optional Training Activities

Range and Pipe Band Training

Open to all cadets every Saturday except when in conflict with other activities. Please check below or talk to staff on Thursday nights to confirm.

 23 Nov 17


Regular Parade Night

Dress - C5 (FTU )

Cadets will be writting Christmas letters to 2 deployed Cameron soldiers.  Letters should talk a little about what the cadet is doing this holidays and wishing the soldier a safe deployment and return home. 

Clean pressed uniforms, polish boots, haircuts

 23 Nov 17

Sweat shirt orders must be handed in to Mrs. Allard.
No late orders will be taken.
Order form for 407 QOCH sweat shirts

28 Nov 17


Senior Cadets 

Canadian Forces Familiarization with the Regiment
The WITG has offered up an evening for our cadets to have a tour of their training.   The tour will include a tour of the Museums, a weapons display, SAT Range, Vehicle checkpoints and camp routine.

Training is open to Sgt. and above
Dress C5

Last day to sign up 23 Nov 2017

30 Nov 17


Sports Parade Night

Dress - PT gear and good running shoes.

ALL cadets will be participating in the Cadet Fitness Assessment and Incentive Program
30 Nov 17

 Parents and cadets
Parents committee 
Bothwell Cheese fundraiser order form.
Orders with money need to be returned by 30 Nov 2017
See Ms. Parrington or Ms. Dawson

30 Nov 17

IACE Chile last day for applications 
Cadets who are qualified may apply.
IACE Chile call for applications.

 3 Dec 17

Wreaths Across Canada

Regionally Directed Activity (RDA)
For year five cadets volunteer opportunity.
Open to all cadets.

7 Dec 17

 Commanding Officers Parade Night

Dress - C5 (FTU )
This is the best time to have changes made to your uniform
Clean pressed uniforms, polish boots, haircuts

9 Dec 17
10 Dec 17

Master Cadets 

Year 5 Senior Cadet Training Weekend Workshop

CFB 17 Wing

Timings to be announced at a later date 

22 Dec 17
3 Jan 18


Christmas Stand Down
First Regular Parade Night of 2018 will be January 4

Yearly Activities  click here for the full list of activities 

Regionally Directed Activities RCSU(NW) click here for army cadet RDA