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 Upcoming Events

On Going 

Last week for cadets with outstanding Annual Validation forms! Participation in corps activities will be limited after 30 November. Return forms as soon as possible to Capt. Atkinson in the Administration Offiice.

Cadet may be restricted in participating in some activities without form 

On Going

9:30am - 12:00pm


 Optional Training Activities

Range and Pipe Band Training

Open to all cadets every Saturday except when in conflict with other activities. Please check below or talk to staff on Thursday nights to confirm.

11 Jan 18



The funds raised by the fundraiser coupon books sold are due.

407 QOCH cadets graduating from grade 12 and interested in applying for honors, awards or scholarships are encouraged to review the awards page and submit applications. 

11 Jan 18


Regular Parade night

Opening parade 1830, Dress C5

Bring pen and notebook.

13 Jan 18


 Band & Marksmanship this weekend

 19-21 Jan 2018 Senior Cadets Cadets age 16+ have been invited by the CO of the QOCH Regiment for a CF familiarization activity. The Regiment is scheduled for winter training in Ontario if you are interested contact the DCO Capt. Atkinson
By 11 Jan 18

25 Jan 18    


Robbie Burns Night

Yearly Activities  click here for the full list of activities 

Regionally Directed Activities RCSU(NW) click here for army cadet RDA

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