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 Upcoming Events

 19 Apr 18


 Parade night

Opening parade 1830, Dress C5 (FTU's)

Red / Silver star cadets bring personal kit to pack in rucksacks.

FTX preparation

Drop off    20 Apr 1730
Pick up
22 April about 1400


 NavTrek FTX Stead

stay tuned for more information
Suggested Cadet Kit list

19 April
Senior cadets

Information for senior cadets on Maple Resolve CAF FTX
Applications must be submitted to AdminO by 19th April.
Directive for Cadet interest in Maple Resolve
Joining instructions for Maple Resolve
Parental Consent for Maple Resolve 

26 Apr 18 1830 

 Regular Parade Night

Opening Parade 1830, Dress C5 (FTU's)

Regular classes - Bring Pen/Pencil & Notebook

Senior cadets O Group with the Regiment your chance to give the affiliated unit your opinion on the CAF 

also you are encouraged to bring a friend who is not a cadet.

6-12 May 18
 Range team

 Stage 4 Marksmanship National Competition

Pac region 

27 May 18


Decoration Day Parade

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43

Marion Street, Winnipeg 

 1-3 June 18


Adventure FTX

St Malo Provincial Park, St Malo, MB 


 7 Jun 18All 

Annual Cadet Review

Minto Armoury 


Yearly Activities  click here for the full list of activities 

Regionally Directed Activities RCSU(NW) click here for army cadet RDA