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Level Instructional Guides (IGs) & Level Qualification and Standard Plan (QSP)

All Level Instructional Guides (IGs) and Level Qualification and Standard Plans (QSPs) can be downloaded at the following website:
This resource is available to the public including cadets, staff and parents.

All instructors please review the training schedule

 SEP 7 1 M103.02 M207.01M307.01 M407.01  
  2 M107.04 M224.01M320.01 M409.02  M503.01
  3 M107.01M224.01 C309.04 M409.02  
 SEP 14 1M121.01 M221.03 C309.05 M403.01 M507.01 
  2 M121.01M221.03 C309.05 M409.01 M507.01 
  3 M121.03M221.05 M303.02 M409.01  M507.01
 SEP 21 1 M121.02 M221.02M322.02M403.02 M503.02 
  2 M121.02 M221.02 M322.02M403.02  M503.02
  3 M121.03M221.05   M409.04 M503.02
 SEP 28 1M121.04  M221.04 M309.01M407.03  
  2 M121.03M224.02 M309.01 M407.03  
  3M108.01 M221.05 M309.06  M426.01 

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