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Congratulations to the 407 Marksmanship Teams!

Winnipeg Sunday Zone, Stage II: first and sixth place in team standings.

Manitoba Provincial, Stage III: fifth and eleventh in team standings, including;
1 cadet finished in the top 5 junior standing,
1 cadet finished in the top 10 junior standing,
1 cadet finished in the top 10 junior overall,
1 cadet finished in the top 5 for prone,
2 cadets finished in the top 10 for prone,
cadet finished in the top 5 for standing and,
1 cadet finished in the top 5 overall
Personal bests over the weekend included; 
MCpl Lavandero scored a 99.5,   
Sgt Coulson scored a 99.3, and
MCpl Ada scored a 99.1 and finished 3rd overall.


Focus on your Target!

The Cadet Marksmanship Program is a challenging and competitive sports program accessible to all cadets. It develops skills through superior training and Olympic-style competition.

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions at the local level that culminate in provincial/territorial competitions and an annual National Cadet Marksmanship Championship.

Set your Sights High
  • promote safe handling of rifles;
  • build self-esteem and practice focus;
  • promote sportsmanship, sport etiquette and self-discipline;
  • develops high level of marksmanship technical skills;
  • provide personal challenge and achievement opportunities.

Many of our corps members have long reaped the benefits of competitive marksmanship programs at the local, zone, provincial/territorial and national levels. Whether your are aiming for success or achievement or just participating in a challenging sport - there are many ways to successfully hit your target!

What are you aiming for?

The cadet marksmanship program has a rich and long tradition of excellence going all the way back to 1910 when Canada sent a team of cadets to compete in Bisley, England.

Train with the Best!
  • Training is offered and supervised by qualified coaches and officers;
  • Training material may be provided for each cadet participating in the marksmanship program;
  • Marksmanship training is conducted Saturday mornings at Minto Armoury;
  • Open to ALL cadets.
Interested in Marksmanship?

Marksmanship training is available Saturday mornings at Minto Armoury. For more information and start times please see Lt Will.

    2016 Provincial Competition    2016 Capt H.A. Carty & Whitehead Trophies Silver Medal

Training Videos

Cadets across Canada participate in competition-style air rifle marksmanship as a portion of their mandatory training. These videos are intended for cadets using the 853c Daisy Air Rifle, but can be applied to any type of marksmanship.

Each of the 22 topics below are videos specific to understanding and improving the skills necessary to become a better competitor.