Cadet Information


Recording of cadet attendance is important for the following reasons:

  • In case of emergency

  • Promotion requirements

  • Camp selection requirements

  • Insurance

Ensuring an accurate nominal roll each week is critical.


Attendance is completed in the following manner:

  1. THE duty NCO will conduct a nominal roll at the front entrance as cadets arrive. It is the responsibility of the cadets to notify the duty NCO for attendance.

  2. Any cadet arriving after the start of the parade will fall in on the side of the parade square for the duration of the parade.

  3. The Duty NCO will then take the late cadets' attendance after the opening parade. It is the responsibility of the cadets to notify the duty NCO for attendance.

  4. Any cadet arriving after the opening parade must report to the Admin Office to sign in and receive a classroom pass.

  5. No cadet will be allowed into class after the class has started without the classroom pass from the Admin Officer.



Army Cadet Ranks

Rank Title                                           Rank Description                                        Rank Image


Cadet                                                   No insignia. 






Highlander                                         One chevron. 







Corporal                                             Two chevrons. 







Master Corporal                                Two chevrons and a maple leaf. 





Sargeant                                             Three chevrons and a maple leaf. 





Warrant Officer                                 St. Edwards Crown. 





Master Warrant Officer                   St. Edwards Crown within a

                                                             laurel wreath. 

Chief Warrant Officer Coat of Arms of Canada. 











Admin - Administration
AdminO - Administration Officer
Adj - Adjutant - a cadet parade position not a rank
ACR - Annual Ceremonial Review

Bravo Zulu - means "Good job!"


CAF - Canadian Armed Forces
Capt - Captain
CadPat - Canadian Field Disruptive Pattern, also known as "combats"
CATO - Cadet Administrative and Training Orders
CO - Commanding Officer
Cpl - Corporal - Cadet rank
CI - Civilian Instructor
CIV - Civilian Volunteer
CHAP - Cadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention program
CMDR - Commander
CATO - Cadet Administrative and Training Orders


DCO - Deputy Commanding Officer
DND - Department of National Defense
Dress - the clothing type is worn by cadets - such as full, civilian, summer, ceremonial and combat. Full dress is the complete uniform.


ETA - Estimated time of arrival
EO: - Enabling Objective


FMP - Field Message Pad
FTX - Field Training Exercise


GMT - Greenwich Mean Time - the Greenwich meridian is the accepted time reference.


HQ - headquarters
Hrs - hours - as in 1400hrs or 2pm
Hooch or Hoochie - an improvised shelter used to sleep in


2IC - second in command
IMP - Individual Meal Packet - full meal in a bag, main portion is a boil-in-the bag entree.




LT - Lieutenant
2LT - Second Lieutenant
LHQ - Local headquarters - or local cadet offices


MRE - Meal Ready to Eat simular to IMP
MRO - Monthly Routine Orders


NLT - No later than
NCM - Non-Commissioned Member
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer
NW - NorthWest


OCdt - Officer Cadet - lowest ranking officer
OIC - Officer in Charge - refers to the officer responsible for an event
OPI - Office of Prime Importance - Sometimes used in place of OIC or OIC Ex

PMV - Personal Motor Vehicle
PO: - Performance Objective
PO: EO: - Performance Objective / Enabling Objective



RO - Reviewing Officer

ROs - Routine Orders
RSO - Range Safety Officer
RCACC - Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
RCSU - Regional Cadet Support Unit


Sgt - Sergeant - cadet NCO rank
Star Level - Cadet training level of instruction.
SupO - Supply Officer


Trg O - Training Officer
2IC - second in charge (usually associated with exercises or activities)

2Lt - second Lieutenant 




WRO - Weekly Routine Order




Zulu Time - another name for Greenwich Mean Time - GMT

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