Mandatory Training

Training in the Canadian army cadet program is themed so the same topics are taught to the green star class are taught to the other training levels and are taught to the officers. The lessons are numbered for example M122.01 this tells us that the lesson is M - mandatory, 122 is coded for map and compass and it is .01 the first lesson at this level in this subject. 


Some but not all the topics include:

PO100 Positive Social Relationships for Youth Training

PO101 Perform Acts that Better the Community

PO102 Perform Community Service

PO103 Participate as a Member of a Team

PO104 Track Participation in Physical Fitness

PO105 Participate in Physical Activities

PO106 Fire the Cadet Rifle

PO107 Serve in an Army Cadet Corps

PO108 Perform Drill Movements During an Annual Ceremonial Review

Training levels are referred to as Star levels, each year of training is a star level suited to the interests and age of the cadets.

 Green star cadets are typically 12 and 13. Learning will be in introductory lessons.


Red star cadets are 13 to 15 these lessons add to basic knowledge on the topics.



Silver star cadets are 14 to 16 and receive advanced training on the topics covered.



Gold star cadets senior cadets who are learning to practically apply the information they have learned.


Year five cadets are leaders in the corps who assist in a variety of roles.

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